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Membership has privileges! Join today with one of the options below. As members of our network, you can have your ideas and business plans reviewed by professionals, CPAs, MBAs, attorneys, and venture capitalists. The advice, guidance, and wisdom that we share can also come with a big fat check.

If you have an idea, we want to put you in business. We have the tools, the training, and the funding to help get into business. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not a work from home web business venture. This is business development and funding program sponsored by a venture capital firm. We are looking for businesses to fund.

To get funded, you need to submit a high quality business plan to an angel investor, a venture capital fund or a bank. Now that sounds pretty simple, right? Yet, still most people are unable to get their businesses funded. Why? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as merely sending in a business plan. You need to know exactly what investors are looking for and you need to speak their language. This is more than a matter of going to some free website getting a business plan outline and filling in the blanks. You need to know exactly what they are looking for and what they use to determine if a prospective business will make them loads of money. Most companies that are funded are also typically shopped to investors by trusted groups who have already vetted the plans.

Do you need help crystalizing your idea into a business? Do you want to be matched up with others to start a new business or buy a franchise? Do you need help writing a business plan? Do you need to get professional feedback to improve your plan and increase the likelihood that you will be funded? Do you need money to build your dream of financial independence? You need to join the NLS Business Network and enter the Million Dollar Idea Competition. This competition is not merely a search for a few outstanding ideas. It is a platform for many new businesses to get their jumpstart. It could be just the start that you need!

Right away you need to register as a member of the NLS Business Network. Normally, it can cost thousands to have your business plan reviewed by a financial analyst. It can cost in the tens of thousands to have a VC broker shop your business for funding. Lawyers and accountants charge by the hour, and between commissions and due diligence costs, starting a business can be overwhelmingly expensive. But, for a limited time if you join the NLS Business Network you can get a book full of wisdom on starting a business, a CD packed with legal forms and financial spreadsheets, and most importantly access to and professional feedback from our network, partners, and staff. Do you have business questions, legal questions, tax questions, or even management and operation questions? Post your question on the NLSBizNetwork Forum and a professional will respond. A tremendous value is provided before we even talk about the prizes.

Yes, prizes! NLS Venture Capital is looking for a million dollar idea and we are willing to pay a million dollars for it! This contest may just be your big chance. In addition to a million dollars in equity funding, we will give away cash awards of $5,000, $25,000, and $50,000 to many other contestants. Who says that only those who attend certain schools, come from certain circles, or have certain access can have a great idea? Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just have a fresh idea, this program is designed to find you an put you on the track for success. Your idea does not have to be ready to register. We will help you get it ready. Simply register here to begin the process Make an investment in yourself! This sort of opportunity may not come your way again.

There are two membership options below. You can simply join the network for a year or purchase the All-in-one Bundle, which includes the You’re in Business! Startup Kit. The bundle immediately enrolls you in the Million Dollar Idea competition and includes both the Startup Kit and the Annual Membership. Purchasing the Startup Kit alone, however, does not give you access to the member area of this web site, but you will be on our newsletter mailing list. Whether or not you enter the competition, you will find that membership in this growing network of entrepreneurs and investors will have countless benefits. Certainly you are welcome to simply register for the competition for free and you will still have equal opportunity to win any of the prizes, but there are so many more benefits to full membership that will last far beyond this competition.



Youre in Business Startup Kit

NLS Venture Capital presents the “Your in Business!” Startup kit. Everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs to take his idea and form a business is contained in this two-part kit. The “Your in Business!” Startup kit includes an easy-to-read workbook that walks you through the information and procedures to getting your business off of the ground. Also included is a CD containing templates for writing your business plan, spreadsheets for generating business-class financial documents, and legal forms for protecting your business and yourself. Turning your idea into a business plan, tips from successful business leaders, pitfalls to avoid, how to get funding, how to grow, and how to succeed are all at your fingertips for under twenty bucks.

Price: $19.95


1-Year Membership in NLS Business Network

Gain complete access to, which opens you up to opportunities for specific instruction and mentoring from some of the most successful, well-practiced entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world. You will gain access to large group events, seminars, and workshops at venues across the country hosted by energetic, expert speakers and presenters. You will receive our monthly newsletter and your membership gives you the opportunity to network and possibly collaborate with other members.

Price: $35.00


Million Dollar Idea Entry

Enter the Million Dollar Idea Competition with over a million dollars in grants and funding opportunities to participants. This free registration ONLY provides for entry in the competition. It DOES NOT include membership in the NLS Business Network, the Startup Kit, access to business experts, use of the forum, or any other premium content. If you wish to receive these added benefits, please choose one of our premium options. Get more information about the competition and see the official rules.


Price: $0.00


All-in-one Membership Bundle

Instead of buying the Startup Kit separately from joining the NLS Business Network. You can join the network, get the kit, and be automatically entered in the Million Dollar Idea Competition all at once for this discounted price. This bundle package automatically enrolls you in the competition, gives you membership in the NLS Business Network (a $35 value) and provides a “You’re in Business!” Startup Kit (a $25 value including shipping). This discounted price gives you all of the benefits of membership and the startup kit, plus the opportunity to get your business ideas in front of investors and get funded. Get more information and see the official rules.

Price: $50.00