Is your idea worth a million dollars?

This is more than just a business plan competition. This is a business launching pad. The “You’re in Business!” program is intended to educate participants and help them refine their ideas. A person can start the program with a simple idea and finish it with a professional business plan ready for banks and investors. We are applying a dragnet approach by taking on prospects that would not normally make it past the first hurdle. Because of the structure of this program we are able to take on the added work of looking at a broader pool of prospects. This competition is not merely a search for a few outstanding ideas. It is a platform for many new businesses to get their jumpstart. It could be just the start that you need! And, that is before we talk about prize money.

NLS Venture Capital is looking for a million dollar idea and we are willing to pay a million dollars for it!  This contest may just be your big chance.  In addition to a million dollars in equity funding, we will give away cash awards of $5,000, $25,000, and $50,000 to many other contestants.

Competition is at the heart of the free market system.  What better way to test the viability of your business ideas than to compete?  Instead of the cold cruel world is the first test of your ideas, why not have seasoned experts give you priceless feedback?  Add to that the possibility of receiving seed money to launch and you have yourself a heck of a deal. Learn more about how this program can help you turn your great ideas into a viable business with the seed money you need to grow your very own money tree.  Register today!

With NLS Business Network membership you get:

  • Comprehensive workbook on starting a business
  • CD loaded with legal forms and financial spreadsheets
  • Access to post questions with our CPAs, attorneys, and business analysts
  • Professional feedback on your business plan and strategy
  • Opportunity to receive cash grants and equity funding

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