Entrepreneurship is “the nation’s greatest engine of job creation.” – Michael C. Hill, President of NLS
Small businesses are the fastest growing segment in American commerce and they create 98% of all new jobs. Over 50% of all small businesses fail in the first year, and 80% within five years. Often entrepreneurs know how to produce “the work,” but lack the skills necessary for operating a business, and cannot afford the time and expense of education. Equally important, are start-up costs and fixed expenses of operation, which drain hard pressed capital. This is where the NLS can assist you! We design an individualized program for each participant based upon the needs of the entrepreneur. This includes assistance with business and plans, financial packages, market and economic analysis. NLS facilitates an environment where entrepreneurs and start-up companies can flourish and companies can focus on efficient growth and innovation. We also have a network of attorneys, accountants and other professional who are critical to your success. We help aspiring entrepreneurs identify opportunities and solve vital problems that keep them from a creating successful enterprise capable of generating income, producing jobs, and improving lives.

During National Small Business week, Michael C. Hill, the head of NLS Venture Capital, announced an ambitious campaign to spur the creation of a million small businesses nationwide. The "You’re in Business!" campaign will take place with three phases (AWARENESS, TRAINING, CONSULTING) in repeating iterations with, as a centerpiece, our Annual Million Dollar Idea Competition with over a million dollars in grants and funding opportunities to participants. All who enter will receive help starting their new businesses, but winners will receive cash prizes.

Our objective is identify businesses to fund. Because our focus is seed stage/early stage, we are proactively seeking the “idea people” who do not yet have a business plan to shape their ideas into salable businesses. Our success CREATES new economic activity with far-reaching benefits. The Million Dollar Idea Competition with over a million dollars in grants and funding opportunities to participants will, unlike other small business seminars and forums, draw highly motivated, enthusiastic program participants. All who enter will receive help starting their new businesses.

The AWARENESS phase is the mass media effort to communicate the existence of this support for aspiring entrepreneurs and registering as many participants as possible for the competition. Registrants will receive the "You’re in Business!" Startup Kit, which will begin the TRAINING phase. The kit consists of a workbook encapsulating the wisdom of successful, well-practiced entrepreneurs crystallized into a step-by-step guide for turning an idea into a business. Also contained in the kit is a CD containing a host of documents new businesses generally need. There will be additional opportunities for specific instruction and mentoring for some. We will host large group events at venues across the country. With our host of energetic, expert speakers and presenters we are certain that the events will take on a life of their own, growing through word of mouth in addition to formal marketing. Others will be referred to SCORE for counseling. CONSULTING will enable the aspiring entrepreneurs to receive more in depth mentoring. The top one hundred contest winners will receive some consulting services as an award. NLS will take on investment candidates but will refer out the rest. This campaign is open to all aspiring entrepreneurs and is designed to give them a jump start to a functional enterprise that would make good use of your many services for small businesses.

Our Mission

To give your idea a huge boost by providing everything necessary to start and grow your business. Marketing, financing, and direction are only part of what we offer.
Starting your own business is a huge step to take, and is likely to herald a major change in the direction of your life. Our main purpose is to nurture your invention, partnering with entrepreneurs to make what you do even better. We offer an array of business support resources and services designed to accelerate the successful development of your dream of a successful business. NLS provides early-stage companies with critical support services, which include consulting, access to capital, technical and business resources, and networking opportunities. We have the experience and insight to create breakthrough business, the network to encourage dynamic partnership, and the passion to pursue unparalleled results. Building successful growth companies and creating substantial equity are the forefront of our to-do list, and as such, we have an established investment strategy that serves as a guide toward mutual success.

We do more than others

Most companies provide just one piece of the puzzle and you are on your own to put the whole thing together, which is likely why most small businesses fail. We are set up to provide everything necessary and we will walk you through the process.
We absorb ideas, inspire greatness, and foster dynamic collaboration among our assembly of key stakeholders, including our entrepreneurs and partners, as well as our network of angel investors and strategic acquirers. We offer value-added services that provide substantial advantages for business expansion Beyond capital, NLS delivers true value with a mission rooted in the fundamentals of the consummate inventor. It is from this foundation that we are able to realize the full capacity of achievement and success. And consequently, so can you.


Our Team

  • Michael Hill (President)Emerging from humble beginnings, starting and building successful businesses has been Michael C. Hill’s passion for over 20 years. His eye for business opportunity and sense of innovation is evident in the 10 successful businesses he founded, ranging from a medical staffing company to a green technology firm focused smart grid implementation devices. One of his businesses grew from an initial investment of $50,000 to the point that an investment bank valued it at over $47 million dollars.
  • Anita Hill (Marketing Director)Anita Hill, the consummate COO (chief operating officer), she knows how to get business done. For twenty years she has worked at making this team’s business function and reach profitability. Know she is sharing her talents to build new businesses for the NLS Venture Capital portfolio.
  • Matthew Jones CPA (Finance Manager) Matthew Jones has been described has absolutely meticulous. He will put all your financial records in prestine order. He will have your record setup for review by any financial institution.()
  • Cesario Brooks CPA (Finance Director)Mr. Brooks has overseen the finance and accounting operations of multi-million dollar companies in some cases as CFO (chief finance officer). As an auditor for Arthur Andersen, LLP he handled multi-million dollar accounts including the Washington Redskins. Cesario Brooks has the experience and know how to set your business on a path to quick profitability. ()