Why Join NLS Business Network?

Starting Friday, July 1st, participants in his company’s Million Dollar Idea Competition have the opportunity to receive up to a million dollars in seed funding to pursue their business dreams. There will also be thousands in smaller grants to help the aspiring entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. Besides the financial opportunity there are many practical benefits.

Membership in the NLSBizNetwork puts you in the game. The "You’re in Business!" program is intended to educate participants and help them refine their ideas. A person can start the program with a simple idea and finish it with a professional business plan ready for banks and investors. More than that, INVESTORS WILL SEE YOUR IDEAS. In fact, your ideas will be reviewed by members of our business network and you will get feedback that could prove to be invaluable. You can post questions for our lawyers, accountants, analysts, and investors and use their answers to improve your business. Many more than contest winners have the prospect of getting funded.

If you have an idea to submit, you can register online , for which you will receive entry in the competition, membership in the NLS Business network with access to investors and other entrepreneurs, a monthly newsletter with invaluable advice from successful business leaders, and the “You’re in Business!” Startup Kit that is designed to help you crystallize an idea into a professional business plan.

The idea is to do in mass what would be impractical on a small scale. “It costs a lot of money to have a business analyst, an attorney, a CPA, and all the rest sit down and evaluate businesses one at a time. One-on-one business consulting is more expensive than that. But, the Internet makes it possible to optimize their time in a one-to-many relationship with all of the potential businesses that join our network.”

This contest is not merely an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have their ideas vetted; it is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their ideas refined and funded. For fifty dollars the aspiring entrepreneurs can get more in the way of consultation, guidance, and potential funding than they could dream of getting for a hundred times that much if they would pursue similar results individually.

The people with novel ideas and inventions that change the way we live are always out there whether or not they are currently equipped to reach their potential. Equipping them benefits the entire economy because startups need everything from secretaries to scientists. To get people back to work entrepreneurs, inventors and the “idea” people need assistance and financing. They need help turning their ideas and inventions into viable businesses whether they are funded by banks, angel investors and venture capital funds.

Who says that only those who attend certain schools, come from certain circles, or have certain access can have a great idea?” “Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just have a fresh idea, this program is designed to find you and put you on the track for success.

This contest is a win-win for everyone. NLS wins because they will own a piece of the next big thing. The entrepreneur wins because he or she was put in the game. And, the country wins because there will be new businesses creating new jobs, putting people back to work.” Click here to register

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